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Daily flower deliveries and conscious floristry.

Daily flower deliveries and conscious floristry.

Independent florists putting the environment before profit.

Our obsession with flowers dates back as far as 2,500 BC with the ancient Egyptians, but let’s not go back quite so far, for now. 

Let’s just go back as far as the 1900’s, which is when flower delivery as a service became popular. 

Flower deliveries were organised via telegraphs, and in 1910, a group of florists in the US joined a cooperative to receive and fulfill orders across a range of locations. 

Fast forward to 2022, add in the internet, a want-it-now mentality, excessive use of fossil fuels, and a pandemic (to say the least), and it’s possible that it may be time for us to rethink how we shop for flowers. 

Flower order gatherers still exist, and if you search for a florist near you, you can be sure at least one of them will come up!

There are, however, a lot of independent florists taking a different approach, and reaching other flower loving humans in an organic way—through social media.   

These florists are sole traders, creatives with a love of flowers and a passion to create things of beauty. Often it’s these florists who are putting the environment before profit. 

  • These florists may not be the ones that are at the top of the google search for “florists near me”.
  • These florists may not provide same-day delivery options, every day of the week. 
  • These florists may have earlier order cut-off times. 
  • These florists do, however, want to give you everything they can when you order from them!
  • These florists do want to strengthen their connection within their community. 
  • These florists do want to provide you with the best flowers available. 
  • These florists may ask you to order ahead, to shop local, seasonal, Australian grown, and to choose them over the cheapest, quickest option.

Learn more about our environmental commitment here or order locally grown, thoughtfully designed flowers today!