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Australian grown flowers for the environmentally conscious. Creative designs. Low-waste approach. Specialist advice. Send flowers today.

Our Story

Dhani is a creative and passionate florist. She is determined to make a positive change within the floral industry.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating positive change in the floral industry, one bunch at a time.

We provide Australian-grown and thoughtfully designed flowers to reduce environmental impact. Our services include seasonal flower delivery across Sydney, and low-waste floral design for weddings and events.

Our Values

We follow seasons, not trends.

The idea of 'conscious floristry' (a term we use in place of buzzwords like 'sustainable' or 'ethical', to be more transparent and avoid greenwashing) means that we follow the ebb and flow of the seasons, selecting the best flowers from Australian growers, and refusing carbon heavy imports. The floral industry has a very large environmental impact which is why we aim to reduce waste and support the local economy. We are one of the few florists in Sydney to offer only Australian-grown flowers.

How to avoid greenwashing

Our Approach

We are always adapting.

Our Australian-grown flowers come packaged in low-waste, compostable packaging. We ensure our waste is managed responsibly. We use modern floral design techniques. We avoid toxic materials such as floral foam. We refuse carbon-heavy imports.

We continue to build relationships with Australian flower farmers whose practices align with our commitment to operate more sustainably. We constantly review and improve our practices in the move towards a sustainable and cyclical future.

Absolutely beautiful flowers! My generous bouquet lasted over two weeks in my home, and was one of the best I’ve ever received. I love so much that they are all locally grown and packaging is recyclable/reusable. Thank you Dhani and team! Highly recommend.



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