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A morning at the flower farm...

A morning at the flower farm...

We often go straight to the farm instead of Sydney Flower Markets to collect flowers direct from the grower for our daily flower deliveries and weddings and special events. Jonima Flowers is a multi-generational family-run flower farm, an hour outside of Sydney.

On a recent trip to the farm, flower grower John took us around to select from their winter crop. In the cooler months we have been enjoying Jonima's pom pom gerberas, colourful poppies, fragrant snapdragons, blossoming wattle, and ornamental kale.

Jonima Flowers is one of our biggest flower suppliers, and has been since 2020. We source a large portion of our flowers here because of Jonima's sustainable practices, respect of nature, the seasons, the eniviroment. One of the key things for us is, Jonima's flowers are not wrapped in plastic sleeves - which are often used to protect them in transport. This reduces a lot of waste along the supply chain, and trips to the local council recycling depot for us! When purchasing flowers for use in our daily bunches and for weddings and events, we always favour flowers that are plastic-free. 

Every Florada arrangement includes fresh seasonal blooms sourced from Australian growers, and come wrapped in beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging. We are proud to support Australian flower growers. Learn more about our environmental commitment here.