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We’re B Corp Certified. View Our Impact.

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Learn how we're committed to minimising our impact

Learn how we're committed to minimising our impact

Billions of dollars of cut flowers are sent around the world each year creating a huge carbon footprint, from airfreight emissions to single-use plastic waste.

Here are just some of the ways we are reducing our impact:

  • We're B Corp Certified
  • We source 100% of our flowers from local and independent Australian flower farms, and at least 50% from farms within 100kms of our business location
  • We stick to a delivery radius of 20kms from our Sydney studio
  • Our wrapping paper is from responsible sources and our wet-packaging is biodegradable and compostable
  • Recycled silk ribbon is used in place of polyester (plastic) ribbons
  • Our rubbish is carefully separated and green waste is composted
  • We try to avoid plastic flower sleeves at the wholesalers, and collect any soft-plastics and take to our local recycling facility
  • No additional single-use plastic is used in the packaging of Florada’s gift bouquets or floral designs

We continue to sell products we’re proud of and think you’ll love. We'd love you to choose us next time you need to send locally grown, thoughtfully designed flowers to someone you love in Sydney 💐