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Floral foam, far from the oasis the name suggests...

Floral foam, far from the oasis the name suggests...

The environmental impact of flowers for special events isn’t always obvious. Florists hide their mechanics, it’s a golden rule of floristry. Florists also need to constantly share their portfolio of awe inspiring designs to gain new clients, however, such designs are often hiding more than just a simple vessel for flowers, they are often created using floral foam. When it comes to weddings and events, we often assume it's just the large quantity of flowers that create waste, but it's what lies beneath that's more concerning...

If you look at the material safety data sheet for floral foam available at most florist supply stores, you are met with the a range of health and environmental risks (floral foam contains formaldehyde, barium sulphates and carbon black and it is recommended that protective clothing and masks are worn while handling), yet demand is still strong for this popular and convenient single-use plastic item.

As a low-waste florist it's important to be aware of these facts and also share them with others. While we are facing a triple planetary crisis, that is climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss, it's necessary to break up with this toxic product, and search for new alternatives.

Needless to say, we avoid floral foam at all costs! We create beautiful low-waste florals without the need for single-use plastics. It may take a little more time and consideration, but if we are to truly reduce our impact, we believe as a business we must design out single-use plastic at every touchpoint.

At Florada we are guided by principles of the circular economy which is to  eliminate waste, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature. There are many floral foam alternatives and a growing number of florists are coming up with new ways to create beautiful yet low-waste floral designs. We all must design out waste to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for the industry, our health and our planet.