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Why Choose an Eco-Conscious Wedding Florist?

Why Choose an Eco-Conscious Wedding Florist?

Sustainability isn't the first thing that comes to mind when visualising your dream wedding florals. Flowers are natural, so they couldn't possibly harm the environment, right?

Unfortunately, not. Yearly, billions of dollars of cut flowers are imported and exported around the world, increasing emissions and chemical use, yet in Australia, it is not mandatory to label flowers with their country of origin. Florists have historically sourced whatever flowers a bride requests, without question, but we're not all Kardashian's... we don't really need imported, out of season flowers, do we? 

Another characteristic of the fast-paced wedding and event industry is speed and convenience. Wedding florals are a very impermanent creation, they are constructed for one (very special) day, and then deconstructed the very same night. This leads to the use of a lot of single-use plastics - think floral foam, cable ties, which are destined for landfill immediately after the event. 

One floral foam brick is the equivalent to 11 plastic bags, and anywhere from 15-20 foam bricks could be used at weddings of approx 100 people. That’s the equivalent of over 200 plastic bags of waste that could be associated with the florals at your wedding! 

For the last 50+ years flowers for weddings and events have become extremely damaging to the environment. The practice of sustainable floristry is becoming more common, and we're amongst a small but growing number of florists worldwide who are trying to turn the tide, and eliminate our industry's dependancy on imported flowers and single-use plastics. 

If you’re conscious of your footprint we highly recommend keeping this in mind when selecting a florist for your upcoming wedding or event, and choose a florist that aligns with your intentions. 

Got a wedding or event coming up in 2024/25? We'd love to work with you and advise on the best approach to achieve your dream, environmentally conscious wedding flowers. Send enquiry.