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Devitalisation of Imported Flowers

Devitalisation of Imported Flowers

What does flower devitalisation mean?

The current policy of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is that all propagable cut flowers and foliage imported into Australia must be devitalised using the herbicide, glyphosate, before they are released from biosecurity controlThis means many imported flowers are dipped in a solution of Roundup to prevent propagation and the spread of foreign disease.

It’s important to understand that if you are bringing imported flowers into your home, or sending them to your loved ones, you may be risking their health, and causing harmful environmental damage - there is a significant carbon footprint that comes with transporting cut flowers around the world in refrigerated planes.

You have a right to know where you flowers are grown.

Currently, due to non-mandatory Country of Origin Labelling for cut flowers, it is difficult to understand where flowers are grown. You have a right to know where their flowers come from, and the negative impacts that may be inadvertently placed on the environment and our own health. 

What can I do?

Seek out and support florists such as Florada, who only use Australian grown flowers, or ask where flowers are grown before you buy.