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Connect to nature to reduce impact

Connect to nature to reduce impact

Our purpose at Florada has always been to make a positive change in the floral industry, and part of this comes with an awareness of seasons. Learning about when particular flower types should bloom will help you understand what should and shouldn't be in season locally.

This will then help you understand if flowers that you see in shops are Australian grown or are more likely to have been imported. You can learn more about the importance of this here. Take note of nature and the environment around us, wandering through the streets your suburb or regularly visiting a local botanical garden is a great place to start!

We've already experienced the first month of Spring which has seen some flower and foliage types come and go quicker than you've been able to appreciate them or order some from your local florist to enjoy at home!

Let us gather some of our favourite Spring blooms from local Australian growers for you with our Florist's Pick bouquet!