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Choosing the right florist this Valentine's Day

Choosing the right florist this Valentine's Day

Florada is traditional when it comes to the universal flower symbol for love–the red rose. You could also say we are traditional in our thinking–that the best flowers are grown locally, seasonally and with the least intervention. We love locally grown flowers and are proudly sourcing premium roses from a local Sydney farm this Valentine’s Day.

As an ambassador for change, we feel it would be remiss of us not discuss the pitfalls of the $30M cut flower industry, at a time of peak demand for florists.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) “Australia is one of the few countries to remain free from the world’s most severe pests and diseases”–which is great news, but it depends on a number of interventions

DAFF states “live pests must be managed on fresh cut flowers in the country of export” with treatments such as “pre-shipment methyl bromide fumigation”.

Devitalisation is another process that occurs for most imported flowers, where they must be dipped in a chemical bath for up to 20 minutes upon entry to our country, to prevent the spread of exotic pests and disease.

There is a significant carbon footprint that also comes with transporting cut flowers around the world in refrigerated planes.

At a time of extreme risk to our climate, we believe prevention is better than cure.

Reduce environmental impact and avoid imported flowers this Valentine’s Day–we recommend that you opt for seasonal, locally grown flowers and seek out florists who promote and provide Australian grown flowers.

Will you choose Aussie grown with your next flower purchase? Send flowers.