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Being conscious is cool.

Being conscious is cool.

We're a conscious florist in Sydney solving some of the big issues we could see in the flower industry. It's really tricky to find an online florist who can deliver flowers where and when you need them, that are also consciously sourced and designed. We want to be that online florist that you can can trust, when you want to send conscious and cool flowers!

What’s not cool? Large amounts of carbon emissions and bio-security risks are associated with imported flowers. Chemical treatments & fumigation requirements for imports also pose risks to the environment and our health.

What is cool? We reduce carbon emissions and chemical treatment of flowers by providing 100% Australian grown flowers to our customers.

Not cool: The global cut flower industry creates large quantities of single-use plastic waste such as plastic flower sleeves, gift packaging, and floral foam. This increases with imported flowers.

Cool: Our packaging does not include any single-use plastic nor do we use floral foam–a toxic, single-use plastic product widely used by florists for the past 60+ years.

Not cool: Without mandatory Country of Origin Labelling for flowers in Australia, consumers aren’t provided with a choice i.e. flowers are not labelled (unlike food). 

Cool: As a B Corp certified business we believe in transparency. We provide you with a choice by sourcing only Australian grown flowers and disclosing this to you (even though we don’t have to).