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Eco-Conscious flower delivery in Sydney, we go beyond carbon offsets

Eco-Conscious flower delivery in Sydney, we go beyond carbon offsets

These days, gifting isn't just about the gift itself, it's about where and how it was made (or grown), and by who. It's also about how it represents the person giving it, how it impacts the person receiving it, and how it impacts the world. 

Flowers, of course, fill people with joy! They mostly come as a surprise, and are not always something people buy for themselves, so they're a special treat. Often it's the message that comes with them that holds the most meaning, and the flowers are there to express what the sender may not be able to say in person. We want our flowers to also represent the person sending them. 

We receive a lot of orders from people who work in sustainability, or who are passionate about creating positive change, reducing waste in their lives, and in the world. As a female-led, B Corp certified florist in Sydney, we provide a flower delivery service in Sydney for people who love flowers and gifting, and want to do it in an environmentally conscious way. We're here for those who care about the environment and who are looking for, and want to support businesses that are working towards a circular economy. We want to be the "Who Gives a Crap" of the flower world!

Our Australian grown flowers are sourced mostly from seasonal growers in NSW and then carefully curated to order in our Sydney flower studio, to have as little impact on the environment as possible. All of our arrangements are created and finished by our team who are obsessed with the tiny details, curating each arrangement with particular care, all while prioritising the environment and using natural materials to present the final product.

If you value thoughtfully designed, Australian grown, seasonal flowers, you can place an order online today. We hope to become your go-to conscious florist in Sydney and can’t wait to create environmentally-friendly florals for you.