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A Note on Seasonality: Autumn in Australia

Our intention at Florada, is to make a positive change in the floral industry, and part of this comes with an awareness of seasons. You may for example, be seeing a lot of images of people enjoying peonies right now, but peony season in our country is not until Summer, so this is an indication that these flowers have been imported.

Flowers that are in season and being grown by our local flower growers right now are cymbidium orchids, poppies, snapdragons, kale, gerberas, sweet peas, and tulips to name a few.

Unfortunately, with the recent heavy rainfalls, a lot of growers have lost crops or have been unable to prepare their growing beds for Winter. It is therefore so important to ensure your money is being spent on Australian grown flowers, to support those who have experienced such losses, instead of being lured in by expensive imports that don't reflect our own seasons, and potentially your own intentions, if they are to minimise your environmental impact.

Every Florada arrangement includes only Australian grown flowers and we are proud to support Australian flower growers. We offer daily flower deliveries and flowers for weddings and events.

Our Australian grown, thoughtfully designed flowerscome wrapped in beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging to ensure they arrive fresh, while contributing to a cleaner environment.


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