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Flower Care: Florada's Tips on How to Keep Your Petals Perky!

Flower Care

We want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible, so we have created a source of information to help get the best from your blooms. Follow our flower care guide and learn some helpful tips and tricks on how to care for your flowers.


To get the best from your flower arrangement that has been designed especially for you, we recommend leaving the string on your bouquet if you think the vase won’t support the flowers in its arrangement. Cut the stems to an appropriate length for your vase so they sit well, and avoid undoing the design by removing the string unless you know it will hold in position in your vase. This way, the flowers will remain in the beautiful design that we have created with love, just for you!

Cut stems

Cut the stems at a sharp angle when you receive your flowers, just before you put them in the vase. This allows the flowers to drink from a freshly cut stem and means they will be the correct height for your vase. Do this every second day to refresh the stems and get rid of any deterioration which can cause bacteria to build up and kill your flowers early.

Change the water

Changing the water every day or every second day as an absolute minimum keeps the flowers fresh, so you can enjoy them for longer! Bacteria builds up over time, and dirty water can kill your flowers before they are due.

Spray foliage

This only applies to some types of flowers. For example, spray or dunk hydrangea heads with water every day or every second day. They love water and absorb it through the petals. Even if they look wilted, applying water can bring them back to life after a few hours! Before you get frustrated and throw them out, try this trick! Well maintained hydrangea can last up to two weeks, and can also be easily propagated.

Remove expired flowers

Not all flowers will last as long as others. As some flowers start to expire in the bunch, remove any that look wilted or deteriorated and remove wilted leaves. Often the leaves can rob cut flowers of hydration, so pick off the leaves to rejuvenate the flowers.

Specific flower tips

  • Chrysanthemum might loose some petals, they are delicate! But they can last up to two weeks.

  • Hydrangeas need water.

  • Roses don’t like to be sprayed with water. Just a fresh cut will do.

  • Tulips may droop, that’s just part of their beauty.

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